A Blog?? Seriously Kermit??

Yes, a blog…by me, your very own styrene amphibian Kermit

For awhile now i have been giving this serious thought. I am happy posting away at modelling related forums i am connected to but as time goes on i wanted to have more of a personal space where i can showcase my work and be able to show how i achieve my results. At the same time it enables me to attempt to help my community out with some advice and techniques i picked up, and am still picking up on a daily basis.

In no way should i be considered an “expert” or portray myself as a modeller who has seen, tried and done it all. Quite on the contrary i see myself more as “beginner plus” if you will. Through trial and error i managed to make some of the basic techniques my own and i have had a chance to get familiar with various disciplines within the hobby such as aircraft, armor, ships and even some diorama’s. I still screw up occasionally on an epic scale so that makes me just another modeller outthere just like all you guys sitting behind your kitchen table, bench or in your garages or walk in closets.

I truly believe in the “KISS” method, translated as: “Keep It Simple Stupid”. I am really noticing a tendency within the hobby of reasonably new to the scene modellers who think it’s crucial for a good looking model to have all sorts of extra’s like Photo etched metal, resin and you name it crammed into it. While i am not against the use of such items i do strongly believe that it is in no way neccessary.

With a strong arsenal of basic painting and weathering techniques using simple and easy to find tools you should be easily transforming your cheap and basic model into a stunning looking piece of work that will blow a poorly painted model filled with all kinds of aftermarket goodies straight out of the water.

In direct relation to this is my strong aversion to the kind of modeller that is often referred to as “rivet counter”. Such people who admittedly often have great knowledge on a given subject nevertheless totally miss the true meaning of the hobby: Having fun. 

This should be the first and biggest drive of any modeller in my opinion. Once you spend a whole lot of time arguing about the correct location of a bolt on a model and away from the bench you are taking away from the true meaning of the hobby. On a lesser scale (pun intended) i hope this blog will help to convey these views on top of helping newcomers with basic skills.

Anybody visiting my blog: welcome! Feel free to look around and feel even more free to share your thoughts and opinions as they are most welcome from anybody. As time progresses i will be posting more and more content so stop by now and then and enjoy what i hope will be a welcoming and accessible modeling resource for everybody interested in the hobby

Richard Jongepier a.k.a.  Kermit




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