It’s not easy spraying green….

Disaster almost struck today…

As the weather is turning again and my guilt trip for not doing any modelling got alarmingly bigger i sat down today to get that camo on my tiger sorted.

So i mix up some model master paint… RAL6003 olive green and started spraying. I was happily spraying away for say, half an hour and just about to reach the point where i was satisfied with the result when all of the sudden my compressor decided i needed to stop and go for lunch. It just shut off

Panic! Alarm! Horror! My compressor is toast! And compressors are expensive gear…. I am officially scr*wed….

Flicking the switch did not have the desired result….it even smelled funny and was clearly overheated. So there i sat uttering words unbecoming an amphibian. Still had a dirty airbrush to clean so i went to clean it moping and feeling sorry for myself.

After the cleanup was done i looked up my compressor online to see if there is a fuse i can replace or some cheap fix…..still ill tempered ofcourse. Then my rescue came in the form of my manual reassuring me that what just happened is no cause for alarm.

It shuts off automatically when hot



Never in history has an amphibian been more happy with a manual…. Next up is the brown color and a camo finished. Stay tuned!



4 thoughts on “It’s not easy spraying green….

  1. Looking good Kermit!

  2. Looks good there buddy. Glad your compresser is ok good thing it has a thermoswitch on it too from what you say.

  3. Thanks Randy, never even knew it was that posh. Also never had that long of a spraying session… Glad it did what it did

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