Camouflage is completed

As you can see this froggie has been busy with RAL paints today… After finishing up the last of the olive green i went on spraying RAL 8017 chocolate brown with a drop or two of red added, again using model master acrylics. After that was done i went over the whole model with a light misting of the original dark yellow using my own mix of revell acrylics. And lastly i have given it a coat of future to facilitate the weathering process. Hope you guys like my freehanded camo





3 thoughts on “Camouflage is completed

  1. Lookin good to my eye Kermit ! Yes I do like your freehand camo, freehand looks better than a masked camo anytime.

  2. Looks very nice! I still work with an airbrush too cheap for freehand camo (too much overspray). Thinking of buying better gear. What airbrush and compressor are you using?

    • Thanks Jeroen. My setup is actually pretty much entry level… Revell Masterclass professional airbrush with Revell starter class compressor. I then customised it with a fine needle and nozzle. I do have occasional overspray but managed to get that down a little by using a better (thinner) paint mixture and pressure setting.

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