Sprue Cutters Union #1 – Your first model

Greetings modelling friends and enthousiasts!

So here it is, the very first Sprue Cutters Union post i contribute out of what is hopefully to become many more. The topic as requested by our esteemed collegue and host from the Combat workshop is to describe and, if possible, show your very first unassisted model that you have built many a moon ago.

In my own case this would be the venerable Monogram Mig 15bis in 1:48 scale. Revell of Germany has reissued this kit i believe on multiple occasions and my mid 2000’s rebox showed this classic early jet fighter in the livery of the Russian Aerobatic team


During this time, around 2006, i was in hospital for a longer period and bored beyond belief. The guy i had to share a room with did some modelling on occasion and suggested i should try a model too in order to kill the time. If i come across this guy again i will surely thank him thoroghly as i have been hooked eversince.

As to the model itself…. It doesn’t show very well in the picture (of a picture) i have shown but it has all the classic hallmarks of the beginning modeller; glue finger marks, no filler in sight anywhere and a completely brush painted with undilluted enamel paints camo job. Topped with a bunch of nicely silvering decals it will most likely give the seasoned modeller a grin on his face and a weary shaking of the head.

To me it consisted of a piece of history that i created with my own hands. And even more importantly: a day or two of complete entertainment and satisfaction. My boredom was completely gone.

This next picture will show you the space i had to model and which i shared with the earlier mentioned roommate. The ship in the top left hand corner was his work. The halfway painted model of the Revell H.M.S. Victory was my second project. Regretfully it is the only picture i have of it



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Italeri Panther Ausf.D – Part 1

Ok, Vignette completed… full attention to the Panther tank!

As stated in my introduction i chose the Italeri with the added PE. People who know me a little know also that i take complete utter accuracy with a grain of sand so i do not shy away from the kind of kit that receives bad critics. This Italeri is just such a kit

And here is the shocker for today: i do have to agree with my collegues outthere; this kit kinda sucks and i wish i chose the ICM panther in the store. The PE addition for five euro’s more kind of lured me in and i regret falling for it. The Tiger isn’t nearly as bad as this one for a number of reasons. The thing that ticks me off most is the total lack of texture on the hull. It’s glossy smooth plastic all over.

But…. i bought the darn thing so let’s try and make the best of it.

I completed the initial construction and added the PE goodies. It does spice the kit up considerably.



Being warned about the barrel prior to starting the build i found out that in my kit it also had a horrible warped shape…. So i scavenged a better (not perfect but better) one from a tamyia Ausf.A shelf queen



Honesty compels me to say that there is something good to say about the kit: It comes with a displayable engine. Dio makers can possibly be creative and do a maintenance scene or blown up tank dio



And last but certainly not least…. the critics were certainly not joking when they said the turret sits too high. The next picture shows it attached per the kit instructions. Some cutting and grinding of teeth will be needed here.



I am also really not happy with the smoke dischargers. They just look weird… I think i have some spare box PE stuff i might be able to use…

So all in all we have a bit of a PITA kit on our hands and i will do my best to still make it “work”… stay tuned folks! This froggie is gonna do some hacking and sawing…


Bicycle troop Vignette – Part 3

The vignette has been completed! Since my last post i haven’t done much work given the heat and life demanding time away from the bench but i managed to get a few minutes in here and there.


The figures were painted with predominantly revell acrylic paints and received oil paint washes and enamel drybrushes. The wagonwheel was treated with the same acrylics and a good dabbing of undilluted oil paints to create that rusty texture. Took days to cure though.

The telegraph pole was a bit of a pain as it lacked a distinct wood grain. At first i tried to use a technique i picked up a while back where you use packing foam to streak in the grain pattern using oil paints but it didn’t really work out for me. I then resorted to thickened up over time enamel paints to get the grain texture via the brushmarks you get with doing that. Simple wash with black oil paint then sealed the deal; nailed it!


Last night i completed the scene by accessorizing the bicycles with all kinds of gear like bags, water flasks and steel helmets and strapping on the soldiers mauser rifles using painted tamyia tape strips. Lastly i secured the various components to the base using a little bit of CA glue. Done!


This little jar lid project was tremendous fun to do and i will certainly do several more in the future! I hope you enjoyed watching me build it and as always look forward to your thoughts and comments.

Bicycle troop Vignette – Part 2

This evening i have completed the groundwork. It really is so much fun to do and given the small size you can do these little projects pretty fast too.


Like i told you in the previous episode i used floral foam as the basic soil. Afterwards i have covered it in a layer of plaster. Once this had set overnight i added elevation and some texture using modeling clay and some putty. Lastly i sprinkled on some very fine sand i found in the backyard using hairspray as glue.



Once i gave all this a couple of hours to cure i then went and sprayed on layers of dark brown, yellow sand and tan sand. The grass fibers were in my toolbox from a previous project and were attached using dilluted white glue. The flowers i picked up from the train section of my local hobbystore and are HO scale (1:87 i believe) but in 1:35 they can be used as daisies and dandelions. These were added using some CA glue.

Next up will be the telegraph pole and derelict/ broken wagonwheel. Thanks for watching and see you all next update!

Bicycle troop Vignette – Part 1

An official start has been made on the vignette. I took a slightly bigger lid than you saw in the introduction post though. It was just too small for what i intend to do.

Once i masked the sides of the lid i glued a piece of floral foam on top which will act as the base for the soil. Wonderful stuff and very usable for this sort of thing. Soaks up paint like theres no tomorrow though.


Once the glue had set i made a mockup of the components which will be used minus groundwork and vegetation. All of these items are Tamyia by the way:



Just now i coated the brittle and fragile foam with a bit of plaster so the base will be firm and will hold paint better. Be careful at this stage not to fill in any holes you will need later like my telephone pole in this case.

The plaster should set overnight so for now we play the waiting game. Hope you guys like my idea and see you next time!



A first for everything – a vignette

Charmed by the tinyness yet awesome story potential of vignettes i see made by modellers around me i am going to challenge myself into making myself one of these jar lid wonders. Especially the work of my fellow modeller Jon is a big inspiration and darnit, i want one too! Find his work on his own facebook page and blog here:


A month ago i picked up a cute little Tamyia kit of two german wehrmacht bicycle troops i think are an excellent subject for my first effort. So i plundered the backyard shed for a nice size lid and made a first mockup to get a feel for what i am doing:



Doing some googling on the big www i found some inspiring wartime photographs that can help me with this project:



(finnish troops)

And also this one:



Being quite a common sight in my own country during the occupation i can tap into my knowledge of the countryside surrounding me to create a suitable base.

All in all i hope you like my chosen subject and i think it will be a fun side project while i am plugging away at the Panther D. Stay tuned folks!


Tiger I late by Italeri – Completed pics

Now that the tools have been added and weathered along with reattaching the PE side skirts i am calling this kittykat done! Turned out i went a bit heavy on the dusting to call it a brand new tank but i can’t help it as i love them dirty rustbucket tanks…. 













This also completes the first build i have on my blog since i started it a month ago. I wish to thank all of those who visited and commented as i went along and lastly i hope you all keep coming back for more as there is much more coming your way! Do feel free to comment and/ or critique as much as you like. Any opinion is highly appreciated and i have a slippery skin being a frog and all that.