Back to business

Hello and welcome back,

The last week i have not been able to do much work at the bench due to me having to work on a 1:1 scale project a.k.a. repaint a room in the house. Not that much of a chore but it is if you made the mistake of buying the cheapest latex paint you can find……twice

Ceilings were painted white but didn’t cover the least bit so i ended up painting that three layers. The walls were painted a very light grey but same story, coverage zero…. Two layers more.

But anyways, lots of layers later the room is done, time for some personal painting!

Since my last update i basecoated the tracks with flat black and drybrushed it with Humbrol gunmetal and then another drybrushing with Humbrol rust.



Same treatment for the details on the rest of the tank…



Lastly i have added some very mild streaking such as the ones on the back of the turret. Trying to not go overboard as this is supposed to depict a fairly new tank.



Next up will be adding some washes to the tracks and to treat the model to a good dusting with chalks/ pigments. Thank you all for watching and untill next time!


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