Next build announcement

As my tiger is nearing completion i think it’s time to announce my next project. While i model ships and airplanes too with equal pleasure i seem to be having this armor preference at the moment…

If you have to ask me about my most favourite designs this next beast surely can be found in my personal top three. It’s official designation is PanzerKampfWagen V but most will refer to it as the Panther. Plagued with teething problems and transmission problems during it’s service time it is nonetheless one of the best medium tank designs of world war 2.



It is considered to be the official german answer to the russian T-34 tank, it’s main opponent during the war and it’s design incorporates this tanks highly effective sloped armor. In addition to this it was equipped with the highly effective Kwk42 long barreled 75 millimeter gun. While having a smaller diameter as compared to the famous tiger tank’s 88 it had a much higher shell velocity giving it better penetrating power. It could penetrate the T-34 at ranges up to 3000 yds. On top of that it was much better armored than the russian design with an impressive 100mm thick front turret.

“Ok, so this tank is badass Kermit, enough introductions. What kit is it going to be??”

That’s the fun part! It is going to be another one of these Italeri monstrosities upgraded with some PE in the box. This kit, dating back to the early 90’s is a far cry away from the much better Dragon kits but also a third of the price. It is also better than Tamyia’s comparably priced Ausf. A panther kit which dates back even decades further. 


As i understand it the main problems with this Italeri kit are a turret that sits too high, incorrect wheels/ rims and a barrel that is 2mm too short, most of these problems can be fixed with some elbow grease. I do think a skilled and/ or determined modeller can make something out of this still…

To be continued




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