A first for everything – a vignette

Charmed by the tinyness yet awesome story potential of vignettes i see made by modellers around me i am going to challenge myself into making myself one of these jar lid wonders. Especially the work of my fellow modeller Jon is a big inspiration and darnit, i want one too! Find his work on his own facebook page and blog here:


A month ago i picked up a cute little Tamyia kit of two german wehrmacht bicycle troops i think are an excellent subject for my first effort. So i plundered the backyard shed for a nice size lid and made a first mockup to get a feel for what i am doing:



Doing some googling on the big www i found some inspiring wartime photographs that can help me with this project:



(finnish troops)

And also this one:



Being quite a common sight in my own country during the occupation i can tap into my knowledge of the countryside surrounding me to create a suitable base.

All in all i hope you like my chosen subject and i think it will be a fun side project while i am plugging away at the Panther D. Stay tuned folks!



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