Tiger I late by Italeri – Completed pics

Now that the tools have been added and weathered along with reattaching the PE side skirts i am calling this kittykat done! Turned out i went a bit heavy on the dusting to call it a brand new tank but i can’t help it as i love them dirty rustbucket tanks…. 













This also completes the first build i have on my blog since i started it a month ago. I wish to thank all of those who visited and commented as i went along and lastly i hope you all keep coming back for more as there is much more coming your way! Do feel free to comment and/ or critique as much as you like. Any opinion is highly appreciated and i have a slippery skin being a frog and all that.


2 thoughts on “Tiger I late by Italeri – Completed pics

  1. Very nice Kermit! All she needs is a little foliage and you could drop her in the Boccage. The only comment I would have about the dusting is it is a bit too uniform. Vary it up a little. Excellent build.

    • I totally agree with you there Scott! Hence the “i dusted a bit too much” comment. It also received a distinct red hue from all of my weathering; something i will watch more closely for my upcoming Panther. Thanks for the comments!

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