Bicycle troop Vignette – Part 1

An official start has been made on the vignette. I took a slightly bigger lid than you saw in the introduction post though. It was just too small for what i intend to do.

Once i masked the sides of the lid i glued a piece of floral foam on top which will act as the base for the soil. Wonderful stuff and very usable for this sort of thing. Soaks up paint like theres no tomorrow though.


Once the glue had set i made a mockup of the components which will be used minus groundwork and vegetation. All of these items are Tamyia by the way:



Just now i coated the brittle and fragile foam with a bit of plaster so the base will be firm and will hold paint better. Be careful at this stage not to fill in any holes you will need later like my telephone pole in this case.

The plaster should set overnight so for now we play the waiting game. Hope you guys like my idea and see you next time!




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