Bicycle troop Vignette – Part 2

This evening i have completed the groundwork. It really is so much fun to do and given the small size you can do these little projects pretty fast too.


Like i told you in the previous episode i used floral foam as the basic soil. Afterwards i have covered it in a layer of plaster. Once this had set overnight i added elevation and some texture using modeling clay and some putty. Lastly i sprinkled on some very fine sand i found in the backyard using hairspray as glue.



Once i gave all this a couple of hours to cure i then went and sprayed on layers of dark brown, yellow sand and tan sand. The grass fibers were in my toolbox from a previous project and were attached using dilluted white glue. The flowers i picked up from the train section of my local hobbystore and are HO scale (1:87 i believe) but in 1:35 they can be used as daisies and dandelions. These were added using some CA glue.

Next up will be the telegraph pole and derelict/ broken wagonwheel. Thanks for watching and see you all next update!


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