Bicycle troop Vignette – Part 3

The vignette has been completed! Since my last post i haven’t done much work given the heat and life demanding time away from the bench but i managed to get a few minutes in here and there.


The figures were painted with predominantly revell acrylic paints and received oil paint washes and enamel drybrushes. The wagonwheel was treated with the same acrylics and a good dabbing of undilluted oil paints to create that rusty texture. Took days to cure though.

The telegraph pole was a bit of a pain as it lacked a distinct wood grain. At first i tried to use a technique i picked up a while back where you use packing foam to streak in the grain pattern using oil paints but it didn’t really work out for me. I then resorted to thickened up over time enamel paints to get the grain texture via the brushmarks you get with doing that. Simple wash with black oil paint then sealed the deal; nailed it!


Last night i completed the scene by accessorizing the bicycles with all kinds of gear like bags, water flasks and steel helmets and strapping on the soldiers mauser rifles using painted tamyia tape strips. Lastly i secured the various components to the base using a little bit of CA glue. Done!


This little jar lid project was tremendous fun to do and i will certainly do several more in the future! I hope you enjoyed watching me build it and as always look forward to your thoughts and comments.


2 thoughts on “Bicycle troop Vignette – Part 3

  1. That’s awesome Kerm!

  2. You do consistently amaze me Richard

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