Sprue Cutters Union #1 – Your first model

Greetings modelling friends and enthousiasts!

So here it is, the very first Sprue Cutters Union post i contribute out of what is hopefully to become many more. The topic as requested by our esteemed collegue and host from the Combat workshop is to describe and, if possible, show your very first unassisted model that you have built many a moon ago.

In my own case this would be the venerable Monogram Mig 15bis in 1:48 scale. Revell of Germany has reissued this kit i believe on multiple occasions and my mid 2000’s rebox showed this classic early jet fighter in the livery of the Russian Aerobatic team


During this time, around 2006, i was in hospital for a longer period and bored beyond belief. The guy i had to share a room with did some modelling on occasion and suggested i should try a model too in order to kill the time. If i come across this guy again i will surely thank him thoroghly as i have been hooked eversince.

As to the model itself…. It doesn’t show very well in the picture (of a picture) i have shown but it has all the classic hallmarks of the beginning modeller; glue finger marks, no filler in sight anywhere and a completely brush painted with undilluted enamel paints camo job. Topped with a bunch of nicely silvering decals it will most likely give the seasoned modeller a grin on his face and a weary shaking of the head.

To me it consisted of a piece of history that i created with my own hands. And even more importantly: a day or two of complete entertainment and satisfaction. My boredom was completely gone.

This next picture will show you the space i had to model and which i shared with the earlier mentioned roommate. The ship in the top left hand corner was his work. The halfway painted model of the Revell H.M.S. Victory was my second project. Regretfully it is the only picture i have of it



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