Revell Type IIB Uboat 1:144 – Part 1



After i went pants down on my facebook page about me not being too eager to continue the Panther for a bit i got alot of encouragement to just slip a kit inbetween. Something uncomplicated, easy and quick to get back on track. And i have just such a kit!

As you can see on the next picture there is not a lot in terms of parts count:



Yep, that’s it! I figure building her up should take a curse and a sigh as we dutch express it i.e. no time at all.

Detail is pretty good as with all the revell Uboat kits. They make excellent base kits for those that want to superdetail their model and OOB they look pretty darn good too. With the exception of the older 1:125 kit that is still outthere. Be sure to get a 1:144 one! Also the smaller 1:350 kits that Revell has been pumping out in recent years are excellent value for money.

This kit however is a bit of a different one…… while it is looking pretty good when i took it out for a first look it is in fact not manufactured by Revell. It is a reboxed ICM kit!:



My experience with ICM is fairly limited; i built the 1:48 Mig 3 kit and another revell rebox of ICM’s Panther D. Both were excellently detailed and built into good models but both also had their little fit issues. We will see how this one fairs.

As far as the topic goes i think most modellers have heard of the infamous type VII Uboat. Germany’s weapon of terror and workhorse of the kriegsmarine. Deployed in the well known wolfpack groups they were a significant threat to allied shipping in the atlantic for a period untill the english and americans developed better anti submarine tactics and managed to capture a german Enigma code machine. The story should be familiar to most…

This type II boat preceded the VII and was significantly smaller. It had shorter range as it was designed as a coastal patrol boat and had less weaponry. Yet it was instrumental in German development of their submarine warfare capability and what it was meant to do it did most skillfully.

Nicknamed the “dug out canoe” due to its shape and behaviour in the water it was mostly used as a training vessel but also saw combat action. Some of the type II’s were shipped to the Romanian port of Konstanza where they were deployed against Russia in the Black Sea with some success. 





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