Revell type IIB Uboat 1:144 – part 2

Hello and welcome back! What seemed to be a real easy two hour build up turned out to take me two evenings more like it but the construction phase has been completed:



The q tip i added in the next picture will give you a sense of size; roughly half that of a similar scale type VII.



Like i said the construction proved harder than anticipated due to the fact that most parts were absolutely tiny and the plastic extremely brittle. I had to replace some of them with scratchbuilt parts, mostly various gauges of guitar string. Also none of the parts were numbered so on occasion i had to puzzle my way through. Lastly none of the parts had locating pins so i had to revert to CA glue alot to make the tiny parts sit where i wanted them. All in all fit was pretty good after some cleanup and only a little filler was needed where the deck attaches to the hull and also the conning tower. Nothing unexpected.



So, after some cleanup of sanding dust and some last minute fiddling she will be ready for primer and paint! Stay tuned for the next update…


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