Sprue Cutters Union #3 – Playing Favorites

Already it is time for number three in the Sprue cutters Union series of random subject blog posts by modellers! Before i get underway let me remind you as my esteemed and appreciated reader that anyone who builds models as a passtime can join up and join the club! Write a blog post about the specific topic of the week and let our host at The Combat Workshop know. It really is alot of fun.

So…. this weeks assignment: What is your favorite model

And my short answer is….i have no short answer.

My favorite could be the one i liked building the most, the one that got the best critics, the one that looks nice on the shelf or the one that holds special meaning…. it really makes it harder than the question seems at first.

But let’s not be a spoil sport and just pick!

I am going to talk about two models i am particularly proud of. Why two? Simply because they are vastly different in discipline of modelling since one is styrene and the other wood.

Styrene favorite:

My favorite plastic model to date i have built, after some thinking on the subject, would be Revell’s 1:72 scale Heinkel He111. Everything about that build just brings back fond memories as everything went as smooth as a froggies butt. The building went as planned, cutting masks for the canopy went like a dream


and most of all my airbrush did exactly as i asked it to do (and it can be a real cruel mistress at times). I preshaded it…. layed down a near perfect splinter camo


and then added a winterised scheme, first airbrushing white squiggles and then misting it over completely making the squiggles shine through. It just wouldn’t go wrong anywhere!


That is why i call this my favorite. Not because it is my best, not because it has some deeper meaning but just because it turned out exactly as i had it in my head from the get go.


Wooden favorite:

My modelling hobby does not involve styrene exclusively and i sometimes revert back to wooden ship building. A discipline that is so vastly different from styrene modelling that i had to include it separately. The model you are going to see is my second wooden model. An ongoing project that will take me many months more before i finish her because i do not work on her very often. It is a model of a square rigged schooner by Artesania Latina called the “Independence”

There is something about working on a wooden (ship) model that words cannot describe. It requires skill, determination and patience to sucessfully complete one and that is why i am proud of it. Unlike styrene, where you simply cut off a near perfectly shaped part from a tree and glue it to the next one before you paint and weather it, a wooden model requires every single piece of wood modified and shaped before you can apply it.

Here is where my model stands as i type this down:



Apart from the cannon which come with the kit, every single piece of wood was shaped and sanded to fit this particular model. Not entirely scratch built as a wooden ship kit comes with the basic parts lasercut ready to modify it is still a very hands on type of modelling that rewards the modeller with great satisfaction after all the hard work.


Again, sunday has passed so here are the posts of my collegues, the club keeps growing! Keep it up guys and join in!:

Jon B


Craig Thomas

Jeroen Vantroyen

Matt McDougall

Frank Ford





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