SPRUE CUTTERS UNION #4 – Worst Experiences

Topic for this week is self explanatory; what is your worst to date experience in the hobby sofar.

It did not take me long to come up with my answer…. The worst single experience i had since i took up modelling was Revell’s old large scale (1:96 i believe it was) Spanish Galleon.

Let’s see if i can find a picture…..


Thank you google.

So this kit was seducing me from the first time i stepped inside my LHS…. During those days i was primarily building tall ships and sailing vessels and this kit just looked awesome to me. Really large, lots of parts and bristling with interesting history. Oh man did i want it bad….. But it had a pricetag of 80 euro’s and being me i had to take a few mental hurdles to cough up the dough for that…..

As time went by i built a few models… had fun… But everytime i would go back for a new kit or some supplies that same large pretty box would be staring at me.

This kept on going for a year…maybe two. Even talked to the store owner about it on one occasion. He told me that  everyone liked it but it still had been lying there taking up shelf space for years and years he said. Nobody wanted to really buy it. Probably due to the price.

And then the day came when i did buy it. I was doing pretty well financially at the time as i was single and just accepted a permanent contract at my employer at the time. Present to myself: buy that glorious pretty big galleon!!

Long story shortened: The kit turned out to be so old and lying on that shelf for so long the plastic was completely dried out and alot of parts practically disintegrated cutting them off the sprues which in turn disintegrated as well…. tried to glue and fixer upper my way through for awhile but it was no use….. Eventually the kit got reboxed and exiled into storage, gathering more dust over the years.

Just recently during a big spring cleaning i threw it away knowing it has only gotten worse over time and to this day it still pains me. Not only because i had spent so much money (in my terms) on it. It gutted me since i was for a few years so excited about the kit and desiring it more than any other kit.


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2 thoughts on “SPRUE CUTTERS UNION #4 – Worst Experiences

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  2. Ouch! That’s a gut wrenching story buddy!

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