Hello and welcome back!

Here are the pictures of my finished uboat. After posting some pictures on the facebook page i was encouraged to leave the waterline algea deposits and heavy floodhole rust streaks as they were and in order to depict an over the top weathered submarine. U-23 almost certainly never looked this way but i have to say i do like rustbucket models….


After the paintwork of the previous update i gave the submarine several oil washes with black and raw umber to “age” the grey if you will. I then continued with rust streaks using a mix of browns and reds and finished off with a simulation of algea deposit in swirls along the waterline using a mix of olive green and white oil paints.

As i was was doing this and during the times i let the oils cure a bit i turned my attention to the base on which the submarine sits. Instead of painting it all black or grey or whatever color i made an attempt at wood grain painting using acrylic paint as a base and grain details using more of the oil paint.


After a base layer of ochre i gave the base a generous layer of darker oil paints and let that sit for an hour or so. I then took a brush with rather long stiff hair and started taking some paints off and streaking in the grain. I ended up making a few finer lines with gradually finer brushes and after i was satisfied with the results i let it sit overnight. This morning i gave it a last light coat of enamel clear orange. It really does add to the finished product!

Pretty basic kit and apart from some minor assembly problems it was a fun, low stress model for me at a time i really needed to do one! Hope you guys like her and i also wish to thank each and everyone of you for reading and watching along. You are a great bunch of guys and i appreciate your interest alot!

EDIT: Woops, forgot one of the pics!



2 thoughts on “REVELL TYPE IIB UBOAT 1:144 – Final

  1. I love it Richard !!!! It is one of the best weathering jobs I have seen on a 1/144 scale sub. You are da man !

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