Blowing ballast #1, the introduction

For my last model i built a Revell submarine in 1:144 scale. For this intended vignette i will use another submarine by revell, this time the excellently detailed and high value for money 1:350 scale kit. Already built a diorama in the past using the same method of water modelling and also the very same kit but still this one will be a little different…

Being a german type VIIc submarine i will call the finished vignette “Anblasen!” but the correct translation that everybody will understand is “blow ballast!”. We have all seen pictures and maybe even footage of a submarine performing an emergency ascend. Very dramatic and should be challenging for me to depict in plaster, clay and paint.

A while back i found this picture online of an american submarine performing such trials and tests in the 50’s



Pretty cool huh? So thats what i though too and i think it will be very challenging and fun to recreate that. The next few pictures will give an idea of where i am now in the process:





Cute little model isn’t it? Ok, now for the base…. I took a large shallow lid and placed some crumpled up aluminum foil in it. I then proceeded pouring plaster of paris into this mold.



After a day or two this plaster was thoroughly hardened and ready to flip over. The result is that the foil adds a pretty good water rippling effect for the smaller scales such as 1:350 and 1:700.



The next steps will involve me cutting the model in half (yikes!) and making more pronounced waves using clay and putty. Stay tuned as this should get interesting…. I have no clue whatsoever yet how i am going to model all the water flowing out of the floodholes and off the deck but i will figure something out! Suggestions and tips will be highly appreciated at this point…



One thought on “Blowing ballast #1, the introduction

  1. I’m anxious to see how this develops. Great idea!

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