Dudes and dudettes, welcome back to my little aquatic jar lid experiment.

Last time i showed you what i had in mind for this vignette and how i made a base for the model to sit on. Since then i have been hacking and sawing, claying, puttying and sculpting away and i think i am just about ready for the painting phase.

First off, after the base hardened out i took my chainsaw…



Joking,…. actually i figure sawed this little critter and smoothed the edges with a file and sandpaper….

Then i proceeded CA gluing the proper half (i caught myself trying to file the rear of the sub…..doh) to the base at an angle i thought looked convincing:


Scary bit one completed… so far so good. Next up was modelling the water streaming off the hull, decks and out of the floodholes. Pretty daunting task doing that in clay and putty. To facilitate the drying process and to nip any shrinking in the bud with some putty inbetween i worked in stages not trying to do the whole lot in one big clay lump:



Finally arriving at this:



How is that to you guys? Honestly now….!


4 thoughts on “BLOWING BALLAST #2, Sculpting

  1. That looks rather realistic, if you ask me.
    I have to ask : how do you feel about having to cover up almost the entire model? 🙂

    • Jon made a somewhat similar comment. It’s really a matter of choice… I did a dio with the sub just sailing along the surface keeping the model fully “dry”, but for this one i really aim for the dramatic effect of a submarine breaking through the waters surface as it comes up in a real hurry. So in the end i feel pretty good about it. Honesty compels me to say though that the dutch guy in me is too stingy to do this to a 30 euro+ model. This vignette is all very low cost

  2. Cant wait to see how this turns out Richard, really looks the part from here.

  3. Thanks Randy! I am well underway with the paintwork but am having a bit of a hard time figuring out where the blue water stops and the white foamy stuff starts on the hull….. still messing around with that

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