Spruecutters Union#6 – Ain’t gonna do it

Oh yes, another week has passed so it is time again to write another article with this weeks topic:

What would you never ever want to model? 



This weeks topic was a real pain in the behind for me for it took me days to find some stuff i wouldn’t ever ever, not in a million gazillion years want to model… But thanks the gods i found stuff while pondering over the matter during dinner yesterday. (Rigatoni in a meaty marinara sauce if you want to know…)

At first i thought about civvie planes…. Usually they indeed are monotonous and boring to look at….until i thought of a Grumman Goose a la The Expendables… and i do have a special connection with a DHC8-400 in Horizon livery. It always takes me for the last one hour hop to my destination when i am in the States and i just love the low altitude, friendly atmosphere experience. A far cry from the big airline sardine in a can 9 hour big hop.

Ok,… cars maybe? No sorry…. would love to build myself a dusty Afrikakorps Kubelwagen or a rusted up beetle….hippie graffiti VW van…. An old trabant in a east vs west germany wall diorama…

Ships then? Umm,….no i never built myself a modern era warship (Bismarck?…..Fletcher destroyer? sounds cool to me). I did do military sailing ships but never a civvie sailing vessel… still wanna someday do an aged battered fishing cutter or tugboat

Sigh…. well there is sci fi Kermit. Surely you hate that stuff? Well……again, no. I happen to be a huge trekkie fan so sure wouldnt mind a USS Defiant or Klingon D7 cruiser on my bench… I dont even rule out a battle weary X-fighter…

Then What???? What would you not ever model, even if they held a big gun to your head ready to blow you in pieces???

Well…… this for instance:



Yes, them “educational” models such as afforementioned cow or a Da Vinci merry go round monstrosity…. miniature steam engine….. Oh hellllll no! Aint doing it ever!

And with the greatest respect for the skills of my fellow modellers outthere who are into that kinda thing…. but warhammer figures and wargaming stuff and whatnot… it just aint me sorry. Ill fire up my computer if i wanna kill something virtually.



So after all even modelling amphibians have their limits


2 thoughts on “Spruecutters Union#6 – Ain’t gonna do it

  1. Wow I never thought of it, but with your weathering skills would LOVE to see what you would do with an X-Wing Fighter !

  2. I found myself looking at an X wing kit just a mere month ago… It does look like excellent weathering material! Jon makes really nice looking star wars stuff too…like i said i do not rule out sci fi subjects in the future

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