Blowing Ballast #3, Paint & Finish

Welcome back to the final update on my vignette “Anblasen!”

Update number two showed you how i used a combo of clay and putty to model all the water flowing off of the submarine. The next thing i did was covering the surface with a dark rich prussian blue oil paint. Directly afterwards i added highlights and tonal variation using a lighter Cerulean blue that has a more tropical type of blue color. I then finished off with smaller accents of emerald green.

Mixing all these colors on the vignette itself with a hand brush you can really sort of Bob Ross away creating lots of tonal variation. The oil paints take forever to dry so you do not have to worry about messing things up as you can add, alter and remove at any stage.

I struggled a bit deciding where i want the white foamy water to end and the blue water to start but i think i ended up with something convincing just by boldly playing around with the paints.

Lastly i finished the bow waves and raised details with a nice acrylic white paint edge on top and drybrushed smaller ripples using enamel white. The wet effect of the water was obtained by a generously brushed on three layers of future floor polish. Done!








Due to the ridiculously low cost involved (i estimate around $15 USD total) and the fact that you can really mess around with the paint without fear of screwing up too much this vignette was a really fun light project to clear the modelling sinusses. I hope you enjoyed watching and as always i highly appreciate all of the interest and feedback i received!


6 thoughts on “Blowing Ballast #3, Paint & Finish

  1. Damn…. that’s nice!

  2. Very inspirational build!

  3. Thank you for your feedback. I am honored

  4. Love it Richard 5 stars for ya buddy

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