Messerschnitzel Antics #1 – Introduction

Also….. Today ve vill start ze build of zis kit:


Sehr schön nicht?….

Ok cut the jokes Kermie…. in english please! People following my blog and facebook page (bless you) will have noticed i have been getting excited for this one for a couple of weeks now. Up until yesterday i have been constantly switching my opinion on what finish i will go for, and i even announced going for “a tropical messerchnitzel” on my facebook. In reality i was so indecisive i asked some collegues what they thought was the most interesting and i have finally been able to make up my mind… It will be Hans “Assi” Hahn’s famous Battle of Britain mount:



Initially i wanted to go do Hans Marseille’s brown F4trop.  just because it was different from the usual mottles and squiggles found on Bf109’s but in the end public opinion swayed me and the fact that this model will require every iota of skill i have to get it to look like the image. The mottle looks like a real challenge and it is something i barely ever attempted. And apart from any technical challenge i just think this plane looks darn sexy with all the interesting markings. Note also the two colors of yellow on the upper and lower cowling…

So… a choice has been made. What about the kit?

This pretty Revell box is another rebox from ICM. Something i didn’t know at the time of purchase. Not the most top end kit but certainly not the worst either if you manage to work around the known flaws of the kit such as slight surface irregularities, some flash and that sort of thing. I was surprised to find out the exact same flaws on the plastic occur in this rebox. Appearantly revell’s quality control department decided it was “passable”. Another ICM peculiarity is the vast amounts of mold release agent they like to use so i took no chances and cleaned the frets thoroughly before the start.


On the plus side you could mention the very gentle pricetage of the kit, just 15 euro’s (18 bucks?), you get a fully displayable pretty good engine and instead of ICM’s often shabby decals you get Revell’s own usually well executed decals. Also you get all the parts that will distinguish an F2 from an F4, most notably the prop and chin air intake scoops come in two versions. Very nicely done ICM!

Because the kit itself barely made a dent in my wallet i will be topping this off with my very first eduard self adhesive colored cockpit set. On paper it looks really convenient to get pre sticky made PE. Let’s see how this works for me… On the fret the set looks gorgeous though!


So, without much more of my incoherent babble… i hope you guys like my choice. Sit back and enjoy the show as i embark on my new challenge!


2 thoughts on “Messerschnitzel Antics #1 – Introduction

  1. Oh I think I am gonna be getting a new kit if its available here in the states. As you know I have always liked the ICM kits. Cant wait to see your progress on this one Richard.

  2. I do like these kits myself if you take into account that they are certainly not shake and bake kits. Still nice detail on them and potentially stunning if executed well. That Mig you sent me through our xmas exchange was really nice and has a prominent place on the shelf.

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