Sprue Cutters Union #7 – Your significant other



Our little band of brothers called The Sprue Cutters Union is really growing and picking up new members of all modelling disciplines. Let me start off by giving a big warm welcome to the newly started bloggers!

This weeks topic……. potential minefield blog material:

How does your partner view your hobby

The forums outthere are filled with this topic and metaphorical references to our partners. I can name “She who must be obeyed” (SWMBO) as a humoristic example but i have seen less flattering terminology…. I also come across actual topics of guys getting tips and advice from their fellow modellers on how to convince the missus of that big dollar purchase you feel you absolutely need for your bench.

In my particular case i can truthfully say i am a thoroughly blessed man (honey, i know you peek in from time to time…Thanks for putting up with this hobby! And me for all that matters…).

No honestly.

At the time we met i was very careful not to get too enthousiastic in referral to my favorite passtime… But i told her about it and initially her response was one of “well, i guess it’s okay as long as i don’t find any action figures in your house; that’s a bit too much”. And that settled it…. Hobby accepted! Or maybe it was the fact that i distracted her by screwing up the metric system conversion table and convincing her for a short time i was 5 feet tall and a genuine leprechaun. (she actually took it very professionally)

We have been happily married for about two and a half years now and it has been an absolute blast! We did work out a few rules though. The major ones being: wives are more important than styrene and the even bigger “no stash” rule. As a bachelor i was happily working on a fledgling stash but nowadays i am more the “buy one kit and build it before the next one kind of modeller”. Perfectly acceptable with me and kind of makes sense really. No walk in closet with thousands of pretty boxes for me….

She actually made me model on a few occasions when she noticed i get antsy when away from the bench for a while. I really have to admit i become a real grouchy big baby when i do… Hows that for support!

And in terms of passion for the hobby…. I think she gets it and she encourages having something to be passionate about as long as i realise that marriages and a loving relationship requires an equal amount of passion and delicate timing for both to be enjoyable. It’s still a hobby after all!

This, in a nutshell, is the kind of understanding we have between eachother and so far it has worked well. I get to model to my hearts content as long as everyday life is taken care of. In reference to Jon’s introduction i would like to add “a happy wife means an actual modelling modeller”.

Oh,…. and my wife being the delightful creature she is, she likes to tease me at times. One time she told me to “go play with my toys”……. The nerve!!!! But as passionate as i am about modelling. Her way of occasionally doing that makes me subtly aware of the fact that there is such a thing as moderation in passion. Oh boy, she is good at that……

Oh and on behalf of the wifey….: I can honestly laugh about it and even expect stuff like that to happen having chosen the nickname i am using but let’s just say that referring to her as “Miss Piggy” is at your own peril and depending on how much you love life… Just sayin’




7 thoughts on “Sprue Cutters Union #7 – Your significant other

  1. HAHAHAHA I will remember that last part for sure 🙂
    Hey Richard does she have a sister ????
    Seriously I like and agree with what you wrote.

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  3. Great post Kermie. Your wife seems pretty much perfect. Glad mine has allowed me to continue my hobby too, though mine requires gaming time more than modelling time – strangers in the house, or going out to the gaming club etc…we’re coming up to our 11th anniversary next week. Wouldn’t swap her for the worlds supply of models.

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