SPRUE CUTTERS UNION #9- Preferred Paints

Hello and welcome back! Last week i did not write a post due to being really occupied with other stuff i.e. procrastinating too much…..you pick.

This week a lighthearted subject, namely what paints do you prefer?

Starting out the hobby i went for the only brand that is readily available here in any hobby and toy store: Revell. Tiny little tins of enamel paints just like the tiny testors i found in the US. The revell brand is the equivalent here in the EU and you will find it anywhere.


A pretty sturdy allround paint that brushes and airbrushes well if you thin it properly as it will be rather thick straight out of the tin.

About a year or so into the hobby, revell came with a brand new line of acrylics that is gradually taking over the familiar tins in stores. Excellent to brush paint with and good for airbrushing if you manage to sort out/ prevent it from clogging. Dries in an hour and just a good allround paint to use. Another very clever bit is these caps that can act as paint cups for brush painting.


By way of experiment my LHS started carrying humbrol acrylics as well so i picked up some bottles and tried them. I still prefer the revell acrylics as the humbrol sprays nicely but to me is rather unusable for brush painting. It just wont “bite”


I found the humbrol enamels to be much the same as the revell ones in behaviour but they are especially liked by me for good drybrushing characteristic so i always keep some white, gunmetal and rust in my drawer.

You will have noticed lately i did quite a few Italeri kits… Their instruction sheets call out for Model Master paints exclusively so i bought a few of those little glass jars as well. Excellent paints and i love their behaviour but it took me some effort to find a way to clean my airbrush effectively. The revell and humbrol just need water and a touch of alcohol but the MM really needs scrubbing if you do that. Someone advised me to use Windex and it did help alot. Nice plus is you can use the empty jars as paintbottles for airbrush ready concoctions of your own.


Lastly i have a good supply of tubes of water paints and oil paints. I started out with the former and they are just fine for basic washes and so easy to clean. For more advanced/ intricate work and controlability i switched to the oil paints in recent times. The slow as molasses drying time really makes it easy to alter.

That, in a nutshell is the stuff you will find in my drawer.


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