Sprue Cutters Union #10: My spending habits

Keeping with the stereotypical image that most foreigners seem to have of the dutch  i would say i am the stingy kind of modeler….. a hobby scrooge as it were



Not that i am proud of it or see it as the way to go. God or whomever you personally hail to knows i would looooove to throw down hundreds of euro’s for a kit and all the aftermarket i can get my hands on and not even feel a dent in my wallet. Yes puhlease sir!

Alas, i am a blue collar kind of guy living in times of crisis. My hobby in terms of cashflow is looking more like this:



Well… maybe not that bad….

But still i have to watch every penny i spend, i have a wife and daughter that want stuff and things too and i am not even beginning to add in rent, food and bills to that equation. Oh yes i wish i was filthy stinking rich in the most decadent ludicrous kind of way! But i am not….

During my limited modelling career i noticed you can buy quality gear for reasonable prices. The newer Revell offerings reflect this perfectly. Other brands i like to keep an eye on in terms of bang for buck are Academy, Hobby Boss and Trumpeter. And let us not forget the value profipack kits that Eduard offer. Buy a kit and get a basic masking and PE set in one reduced price package! My dutch heart fills with joy!

In reality this situation also forces me to work with what i have and forget mostly about intricate aftermarket goodies…. ill bend that paperclip and say it is an airhose or spend an hour fiddling with strips of Tamyia tape and soldering iron to get a reasonable seat strap going. Ofcourse i hold my chin up and say “hey, this is real modelling!” or “Bah, humbug… who needs resin anyways” on a lot of occasions and partly i really believe in that but yes, it also has a significant monetary reason.

On top of that is my wife’s rule we discussed earlier of “buy one, build one”. No stash building of any kind and forget about that new 1/32 Tamigawa superdeluxe model while there is a car standing on the driveway that needs serious surgery.

Is it all doom and gloom then i hear you ask. Well,…. no

Our hobby is relatively ridiculously cheap if you want it to be and i still get good solid kits in my hands and get reasonable results. I am content with my budget and if it so happens i want something that requires a bit more spending i can discuss that with my lovely wife like a good hubby should. (i.e. cook dinner, have the house clean and a chickflick on with candle light and hope for the best) 



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