Sprue Cutters Union #14: Things i hate



Every now and then we have to admit to ourselves that, nomatter how much we love this hobby…. there sure are things that you like less about it and could well do without.

There are the tedious tasks of decalling….. eliminating seams….fit issues……miniscule PE bending…. All part of the hobby and not always fun and giggles. So i am not really gonna go into all that because we all dislike that one task more than others.

It’s the moments of total utter scr*w up that i dislike thoroughly. Being the gentle and lovable amphibian i am i rarely ever descend into absolute rage but every so often i do mutter words unbecoming a frog… the dutch have some excellent phrases for just those occasions involving nasty diseases and intimate body parts.

A good example is the P-39 i am working on. During a visit to our equivalent of a dollar store in recent weeks i picked up this spray can of acrylic primer and by way of experiment i applied it to my model…. Baaaaad choice. I decanted like usual, waited for the propellant to dissipate and started spraying. Absolute disaster followed as it wouldnt “bite” formed puddles like there is no tomorrow and on top of that wouldnt really cover very well…

By sanding the bad bits and getting the model back to baby butt smooth state i thought i solved the problem and i went over it with my usual primer. All is well i thought… Not

As i am airbrushing the camouflage and having to mask certain bits i noticed the tiny little bit of original primer left on the model likes to lift completely off when i pull of the tamyia tape! Insert nasty phrase here….

And still i am not frothing at the mouth or throwing the model against the wall in anger. I chose to experiment and failed in my intentions….my own fault and not the model or my skills. It happens. Grab a smoke and a coffee…count to ten…. carry on.

But it is those things i hate most. These unforseen moments you cannot control due to chance taking a piss at you or you yourself being a tool. Remember that time you laid down the perfect coat on your model, was about to stop and stand back to admire…. just that little spot here……. SPLUTTER. Indeed. Insert new nasty phrase here.

Ill gladly sand, decal or mask and smile whilst i am doing it if i could eliminate those FUBAR moments out of my hobby!



Revell A-10 Thunderbolt II 1:48 – part 1: Introduction

The P47 thunderbolt back in world war 2 was built around it’s humongous engine. Keeping with tradition size wise it’s modern distant cousin, the A-10 Thunderbolt II or Warthog has been built around it’s humongous gatling gun, the GAU-8 Avenger.

We have probably all seen this picture of a VW Beetle next to the Avenger for size comparison:



But have you guys seen this one too?:


Now imagine an angry pilot roaring overhead hurtling more than 4000 (!) beerbottle bullets per minute at your tank and you will surely understand why Iraqi tank crews during the gulf war thought it was safer to just sleep outside of their tanks.

And it’s ugly. In fact it is so ugly that i think it is beautiful. Maybe weird but i can’t help it. It’s drop dead gorgeous to me

I built this particular kit before in the standard grey tone scheme and back then i knew i would want to build another one in a green tone “lizard” scheme. Until i read about the 1970’s JAWS program. Back then the US air force experimented with different camouflage schemes using patches and blotches. Especially this desert type camouflage is very interesting to look at:


Cool huh?

The kit itself…… Well it’s probably not the best you can get. Old Monogram mold that has been around for ages and i am sure that it has flaws and inconsistencies. But quite frankly my dear, i don’t give a damn about that (see what i did there?).

Having shelved or quit several builds lately i desperately want to finish some stuff and so i am going for Out of Box fun. Accuracy isn’t my main thing here and i want to concentrate of the finish(ing). You will please forgive me there.

So what’s in the box?? Well… for under 20 Euro’s you get quite alot of plastic. This plane is big i can tell you. And ofcourse alot of the sprues contain the warthog’s impressive arsenal of ordnance it can be equipped with such as Mk20’s, Mk82’s, AGM65’s and even sidewinders for self defence! Together,…. all in one sortie too. Boojah!


So without much further ado about alot (did it again!) i do hope you guys will enjoy following this build as i know i will enjoy building it!


Sprue Cutters Union #13 – Preparation

This week we have a subject that i kinda like: What do you do to prepare for a build?

A build starts with inspiration first and foremost ofcourse. You decided you wanted to model a given subject after watching a good movie, while browsing the internet or reading a magazine….. Maybe even wanting to copy cat a piece of work you saw a collegue do…you name it. Anything could trigger a modeller right?

So you decided you wanted to model topic X…. Let me, as an example use the P39 i am working on behind the screens

Once i decide i want to model it i will generally look for reference material. Period photographs, wikipedia, war stories… anything that has my topic highlighted is useful at this stage. Not only does it provide me with knowledge but at this stage i am still amping myself up; getting excited.

I am not sure i am the only one doing this but apart from cockpit photo’s, which would usually be black and white ones ofcourse, i use stills taken from my favorite flight simulator too: il-2 sturmovik. Generally the developers did their homework quite well and having these color screens really helps me. Screenshots i took for my P-39 look like this:




Along with half a dozen more i took of the side wall detail and radio setup behind the seat it helps me determine color and location of all the features of any given cockpit. And i can also use them to decide on scratched detail. In case the game is inaccurate i am still using the real deal B&W pics to cross reference….

More things i do that may be or may not be peculiar to me personally: At the start of each build i clean my bench thoroughly. More of a psychosomatic thing i have than anything else…. A pavlovian reaction on my behalf of clean bench equals inspiration/ excitement.

Apart from that i start a build with a brand new sharp #11 blade in my hobbyknife. Cant start without….

Lastly i check my supply of paints. Nothing annoys more than opening a bottle you need and finding out it is not enough or has dried out or whatever. Like me breaking a string on one of my guitars it always happend to me on the one day the LHS is not open (sundays and mondays)

At this stage and with all rituals met i will then feel “NOW i can start my build!”

Sprue Cutters Union #12 – My preferred subjects

Hello and welcome back to a new Sprue Cutters Union! And the topic for this week:

What subjects do you like to model?

Like my earlier blog post about what i certainly would NOT model tells you i have a very broad taste in the models i build and you will rarely see me pass up on certain subjects. That does not mean i do not have more specialized tastes. The kind of kit i will always say yes to. Let me sum it up for you:


Just about any WW2 plane from all countries, early jet age and some modern jets. Some specific ones that stand out: P-47 Thunderbolt, P-51 Mustang, Hawker Hurricane, Mig 15, F-86, A-10


Big preference for sailing warships like HMS Victory. My favorite being sixth rate vessels (frigates). Also WW2 warships


Submarines are another passion of mine but oddly enough i specifically go for WW2 german submarines like the legendary type VII. American subs from the same era are nice but to me are quite static and boring due to the paintschemes used.

Modern subs are pretty much black cigars with tubes sticking out so again somewhat boring… I do plan on a Typhoon sub along the line just because of the movie Hunt for Red October (we have all seen it, right?).


Again, WW2 predominately with a preference for Russian and German subjects. KV’s and Panthers stand out. Lately found myself looking more and more at post war subjects such as T-55 or T-72. I probably will try one in the not so distant future

Cars/ civilian:

I never built a car model sofar but i certainly would want to build a few topics. Topics that come to mind are the Volkswagen Beetle (the old one not that new plastic monstrosity), a banged up Pickup truck or an old rusty Trabant, relic of the east german era.


Again i never built one but i sure want to. AH64D, AH-1, Huey, Hind, Ka-50…. i do like em. 

As you can tell from the stuff i like but never built i have enough material to work with for years to come!

Something to stand still at that writing this post makes me think of… I do not know if it is just me but there are these select few kits that i just keep buying and building again just because the kit was so nice or the topic is so loved. I bought quite a few Trumpeter KV kits over the years, just keep doing it….. Also Revell’s P-47 in 1:72 scale is one i sometimes add to my supplies again. And oh….. let us not forget revell’s 1:144 type VII submarines. Im just a sucker for those too