Sprue Cutters Union #12 – My preferred subjects

Hello and welcome back to a new Sprue Cutters Union! And the topic for this week:

What subjects do you like to model?

Like my earlier blog post about what i certainly would NOT model tells you i have a very broad taste in the models i build and you will rarely see me pass up on certain subjects. That does not mean i do not have more specialized tastes. The kind of kit i will always say yes to. Let me sum it up for you:


Just about any WW2 plane from all countries, early jet age and some modern jets. Some specific ones that stand out: P-47 Thunderbolt, P-51 Mustang, Hawker Hurricane, Mig 15, F-86, A-10


Big preference for sailing warships like HMS Victory. My favorite being sixth rate vessels (frigates). Also WW2 warships


Submarines are another passion of mine but oddly enough i specifically go for WW2 german submarines like the legendary type VII. American subs from the same era are nice but to me are quite static and boring due to the paintschemes used.

Modern subs are pretty much black cigars with tubes sticking out so again somewhat boring… I do plan on a Typhoon sub along the line just because of the movie Hunt for Red October (we have all seen it, right?).


Again, WW2 predominately with a preference for Russian and German subjects. KV’s and Panthers stand out. Lately found myself looking more and more at post war subjects such as T-55 or T-72. I probably will try one in the not so distant future

Cars/ civilian:

I never built a car model sofar but i certainly would want to build a few topics. Topics that come to mind are the Volkswagen Beetle (the old one not that new plastic monstrosity), a banged up Pickup truck or an old rusty Trabant, relic of the east german era.


Again i never built one but i sure want to. AH64D, AH-1, Huey, Hind, Ka-50…. i do like em. 

As you can tell from the stuff i like but never built i have enough material to work with for years to come!

Something to stand still at that writing this post makes me think of… I do not know if it is just me but there are these select few kits that i just keep buying and building again just because the kit was so nice or the topic is so loved. I bought quite a few Trumpeter KV kits over the years, just keep doing it….. Also Revell’s P-47 in 1:72 scale is one i sometimes add to my supplies again. And oh….. let us not forget revell’s 1:144 type VII submarines. Im just a sucker for those too



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