Revell A-10 Thunderbolt II 1:48 – part 1: Introduction

The P47 thunderbolt back in world war 2 was built around it’s humongous engine. Keeping with tradition size wise it’s modern distant cousin, the A-10 Thunderbolt II or Warthog has been built around it’s humongous gatling gun, the GAU-8 Avenger.

We have probably all seen this picture of a VW Beetle next to the Avenger for size comparison:



But have you guys seen this one too?:


Now imagine an angry pilot roaring overhead hurtling more than 4000 (!) beerbottle bullets per minute at your tank and you will surely understand why Iraqi tank crews during the gulf war thought it was safer to just sleep outside of their tanks.

And it’s ugly. In fact it is so ugly that i think it is beautiful. Maybe weird but i can’t help it. It’s drop dead gorgeous to me

I built this particular kit before in the standard grey tone scheme and back then i knew i would want to build another one in a green tone “lizard” scheme. Until i read about the 1970’s JAWS program. Back then the US air force experimented with different camouflage schemes using patches and blotches. Especially this desert type camouflage is very interesting to look at:


Cool huh?

The kit itself…… Well it’s probably not the best you can get. Old Monogram mold that has been around for ages and i am sure that it has flaws and inconsistencies. But quite frankly my dear, i don’t give a damn about that (see what i did there?).

Having shelved or quit several builds lately i desperately want to finish some stuff and so i am going for Out of Box fun. Accuracy isn’t my main thing here and i want to concentrate of the finish(ing). You will please forgive me there.

So what’s in the box?? Well… for under 20 Euro’s you get quite alot of plastic. This plane is big i can tell you. And ofcourse alot of the sprues contain the warthog’s impressive arsenal of ordnance it can be equipped with such as Mk20’s, Mk82’s, AGM65’s and even sidewinders for self defence! Together,…. all in one sortie too. Boojah!


So without much further ado about alot (did it again!) i do hope you guys will enjoy following this build as i know i will enjoy building it!



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