Sprue Cutters Union #14: Things i hate



Every now and then we have to admit to ourselves that, nomatter how much we love this hobby…. there sure are things that you like less about it and could well do without.

There are the tedious tasks of decalling….. eliminating seams….fit issues……miniscule PE bending…. All part of the hobby and not always fun and giggles. So i am not really gonna go into all that because we all dislike that one task more than others.

It’s the moments of total utter scr*w up that i dislike thoroughly. Being the gentle and lovable amphibian i am i rarely ever descend into absolute rage but every so often i do mutter words unbecoming a frog… the dutch have some excellent phrases for just those occasions involving nasty diseases and intimate body parts.

A good example is the P-39 i am working on. During a visit to our equivalent of a dollar store in recent weeks i picked up this spray can of acrylic primer and by way of experiment i applied it to my model…. Baaaaad choice. I decanted like usual, waited for the propellant to dissipate and started spraying. Absolute disaster followed as it wouldnt “bite” formed puddles like there is no tomorrow and on top of that wouldnt really cover very well…

By sanding the bad bits and getting the model back to baby butt smooth state i thought i solved the problem and i went over it with my usual primer. All is well i thought… Not

As i am airbrushing the camouflage and having to mask certain bits i noticed the tiny little bit of original primer left on the model likes to lift completely off when i pull of the tamyia tape! Insert nasty phrase here….

And still i am not frothing at the mouth or throwing the model against the wall in anger. I chose to experiment and failed in my intentions….my own fault and not the model or my skills. It happens. Grab a smoke and a coffee…count to ten…. carry on.

But it is those things i hate most. These unforseen moments you cannot control due to chance taking a piss at you or you yourself being a tool. Remember that time you laid down the perfect coat on your model, was about to stop and stand back to admire…. just that little spot here……. SPLUTTER. Indeed. Insert new nasty phrase here.

Ill gladly sand, decal or mask and smile whilst i am doing it if i could eliminate those FUBAR moments out of my hobby!



One thought on “Sprue Cutters Union #14: Things i hate

  1. Man, I know just where you’re coming from. I feel your pain brother…frog.

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