Sprue Cutters Union #15: My airbrush setup

This week Jon wants us to talk about what we use to shoot paint…

My own setup could be decribed as a budget one. Not the cheapest stuff you can buy but certainly not top notch.

My airbrush is the best of the two: A Revell “masterclass professional”



In reality this is a license produced Badger “Vega” airbrush. I love this thing and it is near indestructible! It wont do ultra fine work really well but with some careful mixing and dialing in my compressor it does camo patterns and small blotches just fine.

My compressor….. different story.The revell “starter class” compressor. It’s really only one step up from using propellant cans


On/ off switch….. pressure knob… no moisture trap or psi meter…. It’s basic

Good thing i found out about it a fewe months back is that it does have an overheating emergency shut down function. When i was working on my Tiger tank recently it just shut off and i thought i broke it. Turned out the camo spraying session overheated it and it shut off automatically…..whew!

I should really get a more sophisticated model but they are really expensive and i keep postponing it. Sofar it never did anything really horrible but it is quite finnicky in terms of controlling the pressure. Basically you turn the knob and brush air on your hand to “feel” the setting.


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