Sprue Cutters Union #17: The big one

Welcome back again to yet a new Sprue Cutters Union post. A group of blogging modellers who talk about the same subject in their own respective views. Every new week the founder of the union comes up with a new topic and everyone with a blog and a shared interest is welcome to join! Just write your article and submit it to Jon over at The Combat Workshop!

This weeks topic:

If you had the time and resources to work on your ultimate big dream project, what would that be?

I am going to have to bend the rules of the blog here a little because i have no such ambition (yet) when we talk about modelling in plastic. 

Assuming i would have the patience and ability (not to mention health) to keep motivated during the project, there always has been an image in my head of a retired grey haired grumpy old frog with prostate problems working on his old age dream: A fully scratchbuilt wooden Man o’ War!

There are 1000+ dollar kits outthere that build up into stunning museum quality models. An example of such a kit is Victory Models “Vanguard”:



Don’t get me wrong here, i would lie steal and kill for such a kit as it is simply the best stuff money can buy outthere, but we are talking about my dream project here; the biggest baddest awesomest project i could ever imagine. 

So we are going to scratch it, i.e. start with absolutely nothing but blueprints of the real thing and build it exactly as they did centuries ago, in scale. Not only would it involve working with wood but think of having to make rope…casting metal…making sails etc. etc. I have even seen a builder painting the stern of the ship he is working on with a full fledged seascape oil painting…. 


(photo property of Martin aka boris279, Curacao)


Over the years i have followed a handful of these builds in progress and have seen fewer than that completed. We are talking about years of being busy on the same project. Quite a frightning idea really.

To show you an example of what i mean i can share a link here of one master modeller and his build of HMS Victory:


See what i mean? This, to me personally, is the absolute ultimate in modelling and a life long dream.

Alas, i am pretty well aware of the fact that this may be one of those things you spend your whole life drewling over yet never get to do. But that is allright with me… I can be perfectly content watching with awe and amazement while these artisan craftsmen do their magic.


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