Sprue Cutters Union #18 : Inspiratzione



Inspiration. The start of any creative expression…

This week Jon wants us to talk about what makes us inspired to start building our next model.

Initially i thought “thats gonna be a short post…” Ill try my hardest to elaborate somewhat as i go along. The fact is, at least for me anyways, that inspiration and/ or desire to build a certain subject can literally strike me from anywhere . It could be from watching a movie, reading a book or magazine, researching the web or tweaking out on youtube. Playing a game, while taking some quality time in the little frogs room (you’d be surprised, no seriously) or even while talking to a collegue! Inspiration literally strikes from anywhere imaginable.

In my case i can explain a bit maybe by sharing some finished work and what inspired me at the time.


This is an obvious one…. I play flight simulators alot and this il-2 i simply had to do based on the game with the same name.


Historical photographs of ww2 era submarines performing emergency surface drills inspired me to make this vignette


This deep snow winter dio was inspired by an article in a magazine

So you see how various methods can inspire me… Then lastly there is also the sort of kits that “talk” to me when i am at the store. My latest aquisition is just such a case:


Initially i entered my lhs thinking about maybe getting revell’s excellent B-17 again or this airfix Ju87 i saw during an earlier visit. Then i spotted this one and i grabbed it without hesitation, totally going with my gut feeling and feeling inspired just by seeing the kit on the shelf.

I personally like how my inspiration takes me haphazardly into totally different subjects all the time. It keeps things new and fresh. It can also be somewhat frustrating as i can jump from interest to interest in a matter of minutes.

My current A-10 build was started as i told myself to stop flip flopping and go for it as i was researching hurricane kits one day, frogfoots the next and warthogs on the third…. sometimes i cant even keep up with myself!


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