Revell A-10 Thunderbolt II 1:48- part 2: Construction

The A-10 has landed in my paintbooth last night so time to update the blog with some construction pictures!

The revell warthog is fun to build without too much difficulties. Especially the way you have to glue in the cockpit tub after you close the fuselage to me makes sense. Often a kit instruction manual makes you glue in the pit assembly to one of the fuselage halves and merge it with the other half. Often i find that it leaves a gap to the one side as a consequence. This way of assembly lets you dryfit and fiddle as you please.

It did take a little bit of clamping but any sensible modeller has an ample supply of these!



This mold, according to stamps on the tail is from 1986 and has all the hallmarks of that era: raised detail and some excess plastic due to the age of the mold. It is not a tamigawa and requires careful dryfitting and filling. Apart from this it really is a joy to build.

As i went along i filled and sanded the model in stages. The fuselage before mating with the wings and vice versa in order to facilitate easy access.




I did not take a picture of it but care must be taken with the wheel housing nacelles. Pretty terrible fit in this area leaving gaps and ridges but luckily easily accessible and dealt with. Another yucky spot was the canopy which is slightly larger than the fuselage leaving a gap underneath that would leave paint fume residue if left unclosed.

It is a bit of a personal thing i guess but i noticed alot of monogram offerings have sprue attachment points like these:


Not a big deal if you carefully cut them away but i used to use my side cutters for these at first when i built my first monograms, often leaving marred plastic edges. Do use your knife here.

Ofcourse the kit comes with an ample supply of ordnance. Oddly enough no rocket launchers or self defence sidewinders. It does come with the ECM pod and six pretty ok Maverick missiles as well as a big centreline fuel pod.


Finally i arrived at this result (at this point i still had to fill the wheel housing and canopy)


As i explained in the introduction the plan is to give this model a more unusual JAWS paintjob in tan with colored blotches. Should be fun to spray!



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