Sprue Cutters Union #21 – The Mancave

Every week the members of the Sprue Cutters Union discuss a new topic on their blogs. Any modeller of any age, discipline or skillset with a website, facebook page or blog is most welcome to join! Write your article, post it on your page and share the link with our host Jon at The Combat Workshop. Believe me it is fun and gives you perspective on the views of your fellow modelling collegues.

This week: Show us your workspace

As modellers and hobbyists come in different shapes and sizes with an equal amount of tastes and opinions, so do their work spaces come in every imaginable vareity.

Every so often the topic comes up on any forum i know of and i personally am fascinated by the vast multitude of different forms a work space can have, both in size and level of tidyness. I know of modellers that work on their kitchen tables but i have seen pictures of modellers that have half their house transformed into a modelling Walhalla complete with lighted display cases in rooms with wooden panelling and all the trimmings.

Most fascinating to me is the afforementioned clutter that some collegues surround themselves in, yet produce the most amazing pieces of modelling art you can imagine! Others keep their workspaces so clean that open heart surgery could be performed right on top of the bench with no ill effect on the unfortunate patient.

Recently i have read an article of a more scientific nature discussing exactly this phenomenon. It was concluded that people with messy desks tend to be more bold in risk taking and more likely to be creative than people who keep their benches immaculate. These people tend to follow strict rules and take less risk. Wether that impacts creative output i will leave up to my esteemed reader to decide. All i know is that i see pure works of genious come forth from both types of work space.

The cluttered league has many famous and admired members. A few examples:

Albert Einstein.(scientist)



Mark Twain (writer)


Mark Zuckerberg (Mr. Facebook)



So you see it can be argued to your lovely spouse or partner or room mate that next time you leave your bench messy and you get a stern talking to, you can point them to my blog post.

Let me assure you that personally i am in no way a genious scientist, nor am i a master builder….. i am however a messy son of a b***. At least i have that going for me. I wouldnt dare to try to give you the impression my name can be mentioned in the same list as the people i just mentioned! I wouldn’t argue with you though…… But alas, im just a frog with a hobby.

Whenever the topic comes up i like to show my collegues a picture of my own retreat as it was just as i had set it up the first day, in all its cleanliness and organised appearance:



This topic, along with the need to be honest with you compels me to show you the very same space as it is just a day before i am writing this post. This is the more true to life depiction of “kermit’s Bench”:


But you know what? That’s MY mancave, arranged carefully and tastefully as i like to have it and i love working here. I am very fortunate to have a bench i can leave as messy as i like!


7 thoughts on “Sprue Cutters Union #21 – The Mancave

  1. Nice little work station you got there, Kermit! Suddenly, I’m craving Mountain Dew…

  2. Ahh Mountain Dew….nectar of the gods… They finally started distributing it in the netherlands. Slightly different bottle as you can see. If only they also sold Voltage Mnt. Dew……

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  4. Always nice to have an area that is yours and being tucked away is the most important part, no one can mess with your stuff.

    • Exactly right sir! I started out in a much smaller space with basically my A-4 sized cutting mat being my work space. I then had the opportunity to redecorate (and confisquate) the attic. Pure bliss!

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