Sprue Cutters Union #22: The Stash

Oh dear this is going to be embarassing…..

Guys, i do not have a “stash” in the sense of having reserved shelf space for all the pretty boxes i own… I used to have a small stash of about 20-25 kits of various size and discipline but then i got married. Sounds stupid but there you have it. In a previous Union post we talked about our lovely spouses and partners and i explained me and my lovely wife have a no stash rule. I buy one and build one basically.

So currently i have exactly two unbuilt kits in my posession:



I do have some stuff i reboxed after starting them such as Revell’s 1:32 Ju-88 and Ar-196 but technically those do not count, right?

Then i have some dusted up “brainfart” boxes tucked away in the corner of doom. The sort of kit you bought a long time ago on a whim only to find out you are really not interested in building them or they turn out to be absolute crap. In that category i have Revell’s 1:200 Cutty Sark clipper ship (miniscule therefore not interesting) and 1:72 RF-4 Phantom (ancient crap mold).

So umm…ya…. that’s really it guys. Believe me, i wish i had a walk in closet with years worth of model hoarding but i value my marriage more and i grew used to my new routine. Kinda nice in a way as i can constantly window shop for the next model.


3 thoughts on “Sprue Cutters Union #22: The Stash

  1. You have to love the window shopping, that is what i did most when in Denmark as everything stayed packed due to size of apartment. 20-25 kits is a good size and i am sure you have plenty of choices when the time comes for a new kit to start.

  2. I have a small stash but the wife put a kabosh on buying any more, so I totally understand.

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