Tamyia King Tiger Porsche Turret 1:35 – Pt.2: Paint and finish

As construction was finished i proceeded by priming my model with a laquer based spraycan filler/primer

18082014 004

Followed after curing by an acrylic black base. I used vallejo paints exclusively throughout the build with the exception of the dark green, which was Model Master

08182014 001

Now the fun can start!

Thinking over what color i should spray when i had several options: Go with what was historically done i.e. dark yellow straight out of the factory and field applied redbrown and green or alternatively start with a dark green base as it is the predominant color on the model. Eventually i went for option 1. So dark yellow it is:

081920142 001

I then proceeded by masking the yellow stripes with thin strips of tamyia paint, Over this i freehanded the redbrown. This was then masked using putty and oversprayed with the final, green color:

08202014 00108212014 004

After peeling it all of carefully i ended up with this result:

08222014 005

The weathering process consisted of adding washes of black, burnt umber and burnt sienna water colors followed by drybrushing sand and gunmetal, I tried hard at this stage not to go overboard so as to create a fairly new and undamaged tank.

08242014 003

08262014 005


The final stage consisted of painting and aging the tracks (light rust wash followed by steel drybrush and rust pigments) and adding rust and soot pigments to the surfaces using Tamyia’s weathering set B. 

08312014 009

08312014 018

08312014 012

This morning i added the tracks as well as the spare tracks and called it a day:

08312014 031

Did i miss my old bench every second of the build? Oh h*ll yes, but in the end it did not matter as working on this model was sheer joy and relaxation. And is that not the desired end result we all go for?

With that last moralistic babble on my part i thank all who followed my project and appreciate all comments and critiques you can come up with! Kermit signing off




Tamiya King Tiger Porsche Turret 1:35 – Pt.1: Intro and Construction

My last post informed my esteemed readers about me making drastic changes in my personal life and how it affects my modelling hobby: i have to more or less completely rebuild and restock my work area and tools.

As you may know it is a real pain in the froglegs to ship chemicals and paints and whatnot overseas so i did not even attempt to do that. I merely had my airbrush, my compressor and my last purchased kit shipped over. Everything else has to be bought again over time.

This poses problems to overcome but it also gives you the opportunity to rethink your setup and try new things.

Initially i had been granted an outdoor space to do all my work:

7212014 005

Seemed ideal but currently living in summertime Arizona and having had a first 1.5 hour session it turned out to be waaay too hot and sweaty for comfort. So implementing all the loveable green amphibian charm i had to throw into the game i was granted an indoor space:

07292014 003

Ofcourse, not having a paintbooth and minding the noise levels involved i had to compromise and promise to do all spraywork outside.

Now, a couple of weeks after the last picture and having fought many small “but baby i need this” battles i currently am starting to reach comfortable levels of modelling stuff to work with such as paints and chemicals and brushes:

08292014 005

With this modest setup i have been working on Tamyia’s porsche turreted King Tiger. Included are an Eduard PE set and Eduard Zimmerit set

08152014 011 08152014 006

Excellent fun while dealing with the life stuff such as immigration, lawyers and resetting up in a different country and a good distraction. The PE is usual eduard quality so nothing to criticise there, although i would have liked eduard to include PE mudguards…

The kit itself is also the usual Tamyia quality. Not overly excessive in parts count and easy to build. Good detail and even without the PE it would make an impressive model although the more serious modeller would face having to make his or her own zimmerit using modelling putty or another method.

There are still a few things i would like to add to my tools to comfortably be able to say i have a decent setup. But working on this kit as i gather new things and build up has been quite exciting and fun! Special shout out to my lovely wife who put up with my constant whining for “this thing i really need now”

The Storm After The Silence


Yes, it has been since before christmas last year that your friendly froggie has posted in this blog. That is a long long time and it had several reasons.

First of all, at the time of the last post i was starting to feel weary with non stop modeling back to back and still write exciting stuff about it. Modelers and writers block combined in a way… I have always had a thing with being obsessed and excited with one hobby, then losing heart and putting all my energy into other interests; only to always come back again after some time.

This has always worked for me and this time was no different. Kermit is back and with a vengeance!

The other major reason might be interesting for my esteemed readers: Unexpectedly i find myself living and working in another country, permanently.

My close friends will know i have an american wife and it was always the plan to emigrate to the United States and live happily ever after. Last June i went back here for just a visit, planning on getting an immigration lawyer started on our case, always assuming that i would have to go back to my original swamp and await procedures to take place.

Turns out my lawyer knew of a way to do all this waiting in the USA, happily living my life together with my lovely wife and being able to work while we do it! Ideal!

So, long story short…. I am now finding myself living in Arizona and having to completely restart my life and not in the least, a new modeling bench setup. One could say it is exciting, stressful and intense all rolled into one.

At least it is an original “excuse me for not writing so long on my blog” post, right??

07292014 003

I am now living here for almost three months and i have a basic setup together in order to be able to continue to make quality models as best as i can, gathering more stuff as i go. So keep your eyes out for more posts to come and thank you all for having the patience and interest to remain my readers and followers.