The Storm After The Silence


Yes, it has been since before christmas last year that your friendly froggie has posted in this blog. That is a long long time and it had several reasons.

First of all, at the time of the last post i was starting to feel weary with non stop modeling back to back and still write exciting stuff about it. Modelers and writers block combined in a way… I have always had a thing with being obsessed and excited with one hobby, then losing heart and putting all my energy into other interests; only to always come back again after some time.

This has always worked for me and this time was no different. Kermit is back and with a vengeance!

The other major reason might be interesting for my esteemed readers: Unexpectedly i find myself living and working in another country, permanently.

My close friends will know i have an american wife and it was always the plan to emigrate to the United States and live happily ever after. Last June i went back here for just a visit, planning on getting an immigration lawyer started on our case, always assuming that i would have to go back to my original swamp and await procedures to take place.

Turns out my lawyer knew of a way to do all this waiting in the USA, happily living my life together with my lovely wife and being able to work while we do it! Ideal!

So, long story short…. I am now finding myself living in Arizona and having to completely restart my life and not in the least, a new modeling bench setup. One could say it is exciting, stressful and intense all rolled into one.

At least it is an original “excuse me for not writing so long on my blog” post, right??

07292014 003

I am now living here for almost three months and i have a basic setup together in order to be able to continue to make quality models as best as i can, gathering more stuff as i go. So keep your eyes out for more posts to come and thank you all for having the patience and interest to remain my readers and followers.



One thought on “The Storm After The Silence

  1. Good to see you’re back. Kudos for doing the big change/move!
    Looking forward to more of your models.

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