Tamiya King Tiger Porsche Turret 1:35 – Pt.1: Intro and Construction

My last post informed my esteemed readers about me making drastic changes in my personal life and how it affects my modelling hobby: i have to more or less completely rebuild and restock my work area and tools.

As you may know it is a real pain in the froglegs to ship chemicals and paints and whatnot overseas so i did not even attempt to do that. I merely had my airbrush, my compressor and my last purchased kit shipped over. Everything else has to be bought again over time.

This poses problems to overcome but it also gives you the opportunity to rethink your setup and try new things.

Initially i had been granted an outdoor space to do all my work:

7212014 005

Seemed ideal but currently living in summertime Arizona and having had a first 1.5 hour session it turned out to be waaay too hot and sweaty for comfort. So implementing all the loveable green amphibian charm i had to throw into the game i was granted an indoor space:

07292014 003

Ofcourse, not having a paintbooth and minding the noise levels involved i had to compromise and promise to do all spraywork outside.

Now, a couple of weeks after the last picture and having fought many small “but baby i need this” battles i currently am starting to reach comfortable levels of modelling stuff to work with such as paints and chemicals and brushes:

08292014 005

With this modest setup i have been working on Tamyia’s porsche turreted King Tiger. Included are an Eduard PE set and Eduard Zimmerit set

08152014 011 08152014 006

Excellent fun while dealing with the life stuff such as immigration, lawyers and resetting up in a different country and a good distraction. The PE is usual eduard quality so nothing to criticise there, although i would have liked eduard to include PE mudguards…

The kit itself is also the usual Tamyia quality. Not overly excessive in parts count and easy to build. Good detail and even without the PE it would make an impressive model although the more serious modeller would face having to make his or her own zimmerit using modelling putty or another method.

There are still a few things i would like to add to my tools to comfortably be able to say i have a decent setup. But working on this kit as i gather new things and build up has been quite exciting and fun! Special shout out to my lovely wife who put up with my constant whining for “this thing i really need now”


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