Sprue Cutters Union – Old Dog, New Tricks

The infamous Sprue Cutters Union is back! A ring of blogging modellers that discuss a certain topic and sharing their views and ideas each in their own style. If you are a modeller and you maintain a blog or website you can join in at any time! Write your blog article, discussing the topic at hand and post the link to http://thecombatworkshop.blogspot.com/ Also, as a courtesy to the other participants and in order to create traffic inbetween all our blogs, post the link to the other blog articles to your own post. It is that easy!

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This months topic: What new things, products or techniques will you use in 2015?

2014 has been no less than life changing for me as a person. As a modeler i look back at my year and realise i did do a whole lot of new things. Techniques such as hairspray chipping and the use of color modulation come to mind but also incorporating streaking effects and chipping by brushpaint are things i experimented with in 2014.

This year i envision mostly building on these first steps and experiences. Especially the color modulation techniques are hugely exciting to me even if it is not something to every modeler’s taste. I personally admire the masters at this technique being able to incorporate light and shadow on their models by clever use of paint and weathering techniques.


In terms of totally new things… right now i am planning on  buying and using dedicated streaking agents and premade washes by companies such as AMMO by Mig Jimenez or AK interactive.


Also i am planning on stopping buying value kits in exchange for more sophisticated, higher detailed kits. They cost more but the scrooge in me must admit that they are just better than your average revellogram puttybomb kit. Time to be honest to myself and draw the old wallet. Shut up and take my money!

In extension to that i found that i am starting to use more and more aftermarket on my models as a standard, rather than a luxury.

All in all there may be some new things happening this year but for the most part i am aiming towards developing and refining techniques and ways of painting models that i have already started experimenting with in the previous year.

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