Sprue Cutters Union – Stashed Away

The Sprue Cutters Union is back! This time with a slightly altered flavor. Write your blogpost on the topic at hand and submit it to The Combat Workshop on Facebook. It is that easy!!! So if you are a modeler and a blogger, do join the fun.

The topic this time: Why do modelers have a stash that they sometimes can’t even build in their lifetime?

This topic by the SCU has been online for a little bit and i intended to write a substantial post filled with snappy one liners and infinite pools of wisdom but quite frankly, i am mostly running a blank on this one. I simply can’t tell you why us modelfolk do this… My best guess would be that procuring/ expanding and maintaining a stash has alot to do with a mild form of hoarding.

And umm… yup. That’s about it for this blogpost…

I can speak a bit for myself here though.. Analysing myself i feel the need to have a modest stash for inspirational related issues. My interests vary widely and my desire to build a given subject may change often and unpredictably. That is why i have several air, land and sea subjects waiting for me to build. One day i might want to build a tank, the next day something happens that makes me want to build an airplane. That’s just how i roll i guess.

Maybe in much the same way the painter has several unfinished works in his studio and the photographer has several lenses for near and far work. I don’t know, i just imagine so.

And let’s face it. There is some kind of attraction to the various boxes and their inspiring shiny boxart that makes you wan’t to have them. In comes the connotation with addiction…

Lastly, there is the price factor. Models are relatively cheap to come by and there is a staggering amount of different ones outthere. One can easily justify spending $20 or 30 on a box and not really have to bleed for it. Repeat that thought pattern several times and there you have it, growing stash!

I think the subject, in a strange way has many facets and is not easy to answer with one black and white statement. Too many factors involved in my humble opinion.