Sprue Cutters Union – Eye for Detail

The Sprue Cutters Union is a group of like minded modelers who have a website or blog. Each month the host of the Union over at The Combat Workshop conjures up a new topic to discuss. Each member then writes up a post with their thoughts and opinions about the topic at hand. Interested? Write your own post and share it with Jon over at The Combat Workshop. You can find him on Facebook.

This month: Do you bother with details that will not be seen in the finished product or do you pour your heart and soul into each nook and cranny of the build?

Easy one for me: No.

It is like me in real life: Hard worker, doesn’t mind getting dirty while on duty and would do overtime if needed. On the other hand: When off duty, tends to be procrastinatig, lazy and easygoing.

If i am building, say an armor model, i usually will build it buttoned up if the kit does not include the appropriate figures. I also prefer my armor that way even if it comes with figures. If said kit comes with all kinds of parts or PE to detail the inside of the hatches, for instance, i can bet your sweet behind i will most likely skip it. You can’t see it, i do not care about it…..no brainer situation. The model will look the same in the end as you can’t see the omitted detail.

On the other hand, if i were to be building a HE-111 or a B-17 to name just a random few subjects, there is a lot of glass involved. Therefore the person looking at my model can see inside. That is where i DO have time for superdetailing such as figures inside or a tiny map on the navigators bench.

I am an internet modeler. This means i show my work online on my blog, my facebook page and the forum(s) i happen to frequent. This would mean my models are as good as the pictures i take of them and show online. If these photographs cannot show any given detail i will most likely end up not adding it to the model.

And, to be honest here, i have been known to use selective model picture taking techniques to not show omitted detail or flaws in a build…. shhhhhh. But that is off topic and a detail not needed in this post.