Sprue Cutters Union – to Plan or not to Plan

This months topic:

“do you plan and prepare for every step of your build’s process or do you wing it as you go?”


The grand master plan,…. No i don’t really meticulously plan out my builds as such. I usually purchase kits as my taste at the moment requires, often even on impulse. Not much of any planning going on there.

After i purchase a kit and it lands on my bench i tend to spend a considerable time reading up on the subject at hand, just to get my feet wet and to hopefully get some inspiration going. Again, not really planned out.

Before the first cut is made i do read through the instructions to get a feel for the way the kit is built up and to spot any possible bottlenecks or tricky bits. Still not much of a plan being hatched.

Do i do any planning at all then??

Well,… yes! Sorta….i think…

Once the build is underway and as i am slaving away at work or doing laundry or cooking or whatever i am doing away from the bench i do tend to ponder over my project a lot. What tools to use, how to tackle a certain puzzly bit etc. etc. And as i am engaged in that process, i do plan out each individual building/ painting session. Usually it goes something like this; “Tonight i am going to spray the basecoat on project A, then i am going to weather the deck of project B as A is drying. And if there is time left i could possibly start on the assembly of the superstructure parts of project B”


And that is really all the planning i do. Mostly winging it during every step but i do feel more comfortable when i know what todays bench time is going to look like. So i am never fully without some sort of mental picture of what i am required to do next.