Known by some as Kermit on various modelling related forums, in real life i go by the name of Richard Jongepier.

35 years old at the time i write this, i live in Middelburg, Netherlands. I am a warehouse guy by trade and am married to a lovely american wife and have an 18 year old stepdaughter. I also have a four legged feline kid by the name of Max.

A couple of years back i was hospitalized for a month due to an accident and i was bored to death… Talking about this with my fellow roommate slash patient he mentioned modelling as passtime. I have been thoroughly hooked since then and started modelling just about any subject you can think of.

My primary interest lies in WW2 subjects with the occasional foray into early jets and age of sail. I do not prefer a particular side but if you held a gun to my head i would choose american and russian fighters as aircraft models and russian and german armor

Richard Jongepier





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